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Pain can significantly impact a patient’s recovery as well as their overall quality of life, which makes effective and efficient pain management crucial to their comfort, recuperation, and emotional and physical well-being. Our team of Doctor’s provide in-depth knowledge of each patient’s condition and enables the physicians to tailor their pain treatment plan.

Our pain management is designed for the treatment of chronic pain. The treatment can be simple or complete, depending on the patient’s needs and the type of pain. Procedures are performed at our new state of the art outpatient surgery facility. Each patient’s pain should be assessed to design the appropriate treatment or treatment combination that is best suited to provide relief.
  • Epidural steroid injections ( cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
  • Medial branch nerve blocks and radio frequencies
  • Cool Radio frequencies
  • Botox injections (migraine headaches, dystonia, torticollis contractures)
  • Spinal-cord stimulator trails
  • Pain pump trials and management
  • Joint injections
  • EKGs, Xray, and medication-related blood draws
  • Tattoo removal
  • Scar and Tissue
  • Acupuncture
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