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Law Office of Cliff Collins
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909 South Pine Street

Cabot, AR 72023 
Phone: 501-712-5202 

Clifford Charles Collins

Estate Planning
Probate Attorney
Family Law
Personal Injury
Real Estate

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About The Law Office Of Cliff Collins

Meeting the legal needs of ordinary people in and around Lonoke County and White County, Arkansas, is the fundamental purpose of the Law Office of Cliff Collins. This law firm assumes a role in the region much like that of a family physician — but regarding legal matters. We welcome inquiries regarding any civil area of the law, such as:

  • Estate planning: We help clients determine what types of testamentary documents will most effectively facilitate goals such as transference of wealth between generations. Nearly everyone should have a will. Many people use trusts to keep assets out of probate court. Powers of attorney are very useful for families during times of serious illness or injury.
  • Probate and guardianships: Attorney Cliff Collins guides clients through necessary legal processes such as estate administration and protection of vulnerable children and adults through guardianships.
  • Family law: Work closely with an attorney if you are headed for divorce or seek to resolve a child custody dispute.
  • Personal injury claims and lawsuits: We help clients file wrongful death claims after car and truck accidents.
  • Real estate: Get the answers and guidance you need as you prepare to buy, sell, lease or refinance a residential or commercial property.

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Attorney Cliff Collins

Clifford Charles Collins

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How The Law Office Of Cliff Collins
Can Make Legal Processes MANAGEABLE:

To discuss your legal concerns and devise strategies for solving them with the help of an Arkansas lawyer, call 501-712-5202 or send an email message. Consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer in Cabot regarding any personal injury, real estate, estate law or family law matter.


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“I highly recommend Cliff Collins as an attorney. He worked hard for our case, but most importantly, he cared. I will always be so thankful for his dedication to helping us and consider him a friend.”

“I highly recommend Cliff Collins for any legal family issue. He was very passionate and straight forward about our case, and dealt with every aspect in a very timely manner. His legal fees were also lower than other lawyers we had consulted with.”

“I couldn’t have found a better lawyer. He helped me get my son & now my child is where he truly belongs. Cliff is an excellent lawyer and he is now a part of our family. We thank you, Cliff!”

“The level of personal attention given to my case was unbelievable. I would highly recommend Cliff for family law cases!”

“Great guy, awesome attorney! He is very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone!”


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909 South Pine Street STE A
Cabot, AR 72023
(501) 712-5202

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