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Moves are stressful for everyone — including the family pet. Pets can sense stress and a change in routine can be difficult for them. If possible, keep your pets in a quiet, secure area while movers pack up or unload your belongings. Movers will have your door open while they move boxes and furniture, and a pet may slip out the door undetected. Make sure you keep a collar with an ID tag on your pet at all times. Ensure the tag has your current phone number on it. It is also a good idea to microchip your pets. Remember to keep the microchip’s contact information up-to-date. If your pet escapes during any part of your move, you want the animal shelter that scans the chip to be able to contact you.

In Arkansas your pet faces many new outside dangers, including North America’s only native marsupial, the opossum, along with black bears and alligators. All of these animals are known for eating pet food left outdoors, birdseed or garbage scraps at night. They typically flee from people but can become dangerous when an individual animal gets accustomed or habituated to humans who unintentionally feed them. Secure trash cans and keep pet food indoors. The majority of snakes in Arkansas are nonvenomous; of the six venomous snakes that are native to the state, none has caused a human death since the 1960s. Although feared, attacks by coyotes and bobcats are extremely rare, though small pets can become easy prey. Where coyotes are prevalent, keep pets indoors and supervise young children as a precaution, especially at dusk, to avoid an attack. If your pet gets bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Animal Services

Cabot Animal Services

2951 S. First St.

Cabot, AR 72023 501-843-2021 

Cabot Animal Services provides animal control services as well as an animal shelter. For information about the shelter’s low-cost public spay and neuter clinics, call Cabot Animal Services.

Humane Society of Pulaski County

14600 Colonel Glenn Road

Little Rock, AR 72210 501-227-6166 

The Humane Society of Pulaski County is a private, no-kill shelter that provides services such as caring for unwanted, abused and homeless pets; adoption; lost and found services; and community outreach. The agency also performs neglect and cruelty investigations. For detailed information about adoption, visit the humane society’s website.

Pulaski County Sanitation and Animal Services

3403 W. 33rd St.

Little Rock, AR 72204 501-210-7508 

Contact Animal Services for complaints concerning stray animals and for low-cost spay or neutering services.

Jacksonville Animal Control and Animal Shelter

217 S. Redmond Road

Jacksonville, AR 72076 501-982-2916 

Jacksonville Animal Control is available to assist with animal-related calls and complaints concerning bite cases, injured animals, vicious animals running at large and deceased animals that are a danger to traffic. The animal shelter has animals available for adoption.

Little Rock Animal Services Division

4500 Kramer St.

Little Rock, AR 72204 501-376-3067 

Little Rock Animal Services Division enforces city ordinances relating to animal safety and welfare. The division also responds to complaints about stray, injured, abused and neglected animals. Stray animals are collected and kept at the Animal Village, where they are available for owner pickup, adoption or rescue.

North Little Rock Animal Control and Animal Shelter

1 Championship Drive

North Little Rock, AR 72118 501-791-8577 

North Little Rock Animal Control assists with feral and stray animals and provides a shelter and mobile adoption unit for adoptable animals. For information on spay and neuter programs for low-income residents, contact animal control.

Sherwood Animal Services

6500 N. Hills Blvd.

Sherwood, AR 72116 501-834-2287 

Sherwood Animal Services provides animal control programs and a shelter for abandoned and stray animals.

Pets for Patriots 

Pets for Patriots’ vision is to end animal homelessness in the United States while giving our military veterans and their families the greatest “thank you” of all: the extraordinary love of a companion pet. It makes this happen through its nationwide shelter and veterinary networks, military and veteran organizations, and a public that values the lives of both the vulnerable and heroic among us.

To learn more about adopting a pet, visit

Veterinary Services

Veterinary services in Pulaski and Lonoke counties are plentiful; see the Military Buyer’s Guide to connect with local providers. Search the State of Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board’s veterinary roster to find a local licensed veterinarian at

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