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Little Rock AFB
Universitites/Higher Education

Universitites/Higher Education

Arkansas Baptist College


1621 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive


Little Rock, AR 72202……… 01-370-4000




Philander Smith College


900 Daisy Bates Drive


Little Rock, AR 72202…….. 501-370-5221




Pulaski Technical College


3000 W. Scenic Drive


North Little Rock, AR 72118501-812-2200




University of Arkansas at Little Rock


2801 S. University Ave.


Little Rock, AR 72204…….. 501-569-3000




Webster University — Little Rock
Air Force Base


1490 Vandenberg Blvd.


Jacksonville, AR 72099…… 501-988-5331




Webster University — Little Rock


Metropolitan Campus


200 W. Capitol Ave., Suite 1500


Little Rock, AR 72201…….. 501-375-1511


University of Phoenix — Little Rock Campus


10800 Financial Center Parkway, Suite 125


Little Rock, AR 72211………501-225-9337


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