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Military Deals
20% off with Military ID or Veteran ID
20% off with Military ID or Veteran ID

20% off for Military and Veterans 

Concealed Carry Course  $100  

  • Arizona DPS Application
  • Fingerprint Cards
  • Certificate of completion
  • No Firearms are allowed in Class.

Home Defense Course  $250 – 3 Hours  

  • Training on your own personal firearms or the Instructors firearm
  • In your personal home, (Everyone in the family gets trained)

Dwayne Anderson

  • Certified NRA Pistol and Shotgun Instructor
  • Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Arizona DPSConcealed Carry Instructor

What are the benefits of a CCW permit?

Even though Arizona allows permitless concealed carry, many gun owners choose to obtain an Arizona CCW permit. This is because the permit allows them to:

And although it should not matter, law enforcement officers tend to be friendlier to and less suspicious of gun carriers who have a CCW permit. Having a permit indicates to police that the permit holder has completed a formal CCW class with a firearms instructor and that the permit holder is more cautious about inflicting deadly force.

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