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Everyday words and actions create a cumulative impact on the people and environment around us. Over time, this becomes our legacy.

At Blue Horizon Solutions, we believe learning is the foundation for leading transformation and sustainable positive change for individuals, teams, organizations, communities and beyond.

Our mission is to help you create waves of positive change for future generations.

Our clients learn to navigate personal, professional and leadership complexities to become the captains of their own destiny.

Our educational services will help you explore professional and leadership aspirations, creating waves of positive change.

We make waves of positive change for future generations, by:

  • Delivering world-class learning solutions for leaders, teams and organizations
  • Integrating evidence-based assessments, professional and leadership courses, and professional coaching engagements into the process
  • Sourcing experienced, credentialed coaches, who bring deep understanding and expertise
  • Collaborating with ocean advocacy organizations to promote ocean literacy and awareness and to protect our marine environments
  • Researching at the intersection of leadership development, transformative learning, and social responsibility
  • Working with communities to develop educational programs, processes and events that raise awareness, create dialogue, change behavior, and foster social and ecological sustainability

Our guiding principle is:  Learn. Lead. Leave a Legacy.™

As a service to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families, we offer a free consultation to help you in your transition. Receive a 20% discount when you purchase within 10 days of consultation. Schedule your free 45-minute phone consultation here.

We are a local, woman-owned business.

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