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We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of companies that can educate and guide people through mortgages, insurance, financial planning, and investments. The mortgage, insurance, or financial plan your neighbor has may not be what is best for you. Getting to know you, understanding your needs, and empowering you with relevant information is what we want to do. Our business isn’t to solely perform transactions. No one wants to make big financial decisions under pressure from “salesmen”. Stewardship aims to build genuine relationships with people and provide home loans, insurance, and investments with wisdom and love.

Most Real Estate agents earn a standard commission from the seller when they help you buy a home. We believe this commission is too much. So, we give the extra to you at closing!

How does it work? We put a cap on our income for any real estate purchase transaction we close. Any time the commission due to us is over that amount we give it to you to use at closing. Visit our website for more information!

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