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Ujima Gourmet Cafe LLc

Ujima Gourmet Cafe LLc

The idea for Ujima Café,, although established in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ.. was conceived in Cleveland, Ohio… in my modest third floor attic, living space.. located on Eddy Rd.

One day, while having a convo with a cousin… she made reference to how much money I must spend on coffee. Which was true because, I was always at local coffee houses like the ‘Arabica’s Coffee House’ that was once on Shaker Square… and the 24hr coffee house, located on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.

During that conversation, it dawned on me… “Maybe I should look into starting my own coffee supply business!” …and so began my journey!

What helped me along in that process, was the thought of how often me and my children would take the rapid train, to the square.. (most often during the fall season)… …me for my coffee… my daughter for her hot chocolate… and my son, for his coffee with a HUGE chocolate chip cookie.

Coffee to me brings back memories of my mom, waking her girls up in order of birth… and all of us having breakfast… each one of us drinking our cups of coffee.

Because I was the youngest sibling, my cup contained more creamer than coffee, but it still went well with my homemade biscuits & gravy!

To this day I still use a lot of creamer!

Another favorite was hot tea with lemon.. in the afternoon or evenings, after dinner.

It added something special to the warmth factor, especially whenever there were blizzards or temperatures that dropped below zero degrees, LOL.

Yes, there was heat in the house… but, Cleveland winters can be brutal sometimes.. and sometimes that brutality was in the form of frozen pipes! …. burrrrr

A good cup of coffee has always been a loyal companion, in times like those… and whether you’re a coffee drinker or not… the smell of a great blended coffee… makes anyone’s home or office, feel extra warm and inviting! – Stormii Jones


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