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56th Communications Squadron

56th Communications Squadron


The 56th Communications Squadron (COMM) provides communication and information capabilities supporting Luke Air Force Base through ongoing plans for acquisition, programming and installation of the latest available technologies to enhance Luke’s mission. It manages and oversees compliance with Air Force standards for all of Luke AFB information technology resources that include small computers, the base network, and the base telephone switch. Acting as the eyes and ears for the wing commander on all cyber, communications and information matters, the 56th COMM leverages information technology for more effective fighter, maintenance, support and medical operations.

Squadron personnel maintain and operate myriad complex systems necessary to run the Air Force’s largest fighter training mission. The Plans and Resources Flight provides access to the Defense Switched Network and leads the Wing Information Assurance program to defend Luke AFB in the cyber domain. The Operations Flight, working with 24th Air Force provides data network services for the entire base populace. Additionally, it runs the Official Mail Center, providing mail services to the base, oversees the base’s records management program, supports all Luke AFB publications, and coordinates all Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act actions. Operating with personnel in four separate facilities, the squadron fuses as one in their dedication to excellence.

The “Comm-Bats” of the 56th COMM operate wherever, whenever and however it takes to support all Luke AFB missions and to be the pre-eminent providers of cyber, communications and information capabilities.

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