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The host command at Luke Air Force Base is the 56th Fighter Wing, which is organized under Air Education and Training Command. The wing’s mission is: “We train the world’s greatest fighter pilots and combat ready airmen.” The wing provides command guidance and operational control over the 56th Operations Group, 56th Maintenance Group, 56th Mission Support Group and 56th Medical Group as well as being directly responsible for the following functional areas.


The Luke Chapel team is committed to ensuring spiritual care for everyone. Four chaplains and four support personnel are assigned to administer an extensive religious program in two chapels. The team’s mission is to facilitate a proactive, spiritual, needs-based ministry, positively impacting the 56th Fighter Wing and AEF missions anytime, anyplace. For more information, call 623-856-6211 or visit


The Luke Command Post serves as the nerve center for all Luke Air Force Base operations. A duty controller is available 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling 623-856-5600.


The command chief master sergeant is the 56th Fighter Wing commander’s representative for all enlisted activities. The command chief is available in Wing Headquarters, Bldg. 452, and may be reached at 623-856-5616 or DSN 896-5616.


The 56th Comptroller Squadron (CPTS) includes financial services, financial analysis, nonappropriated fund (NAF) oversight, quality assurance and a command section. The unit’s overriding goals are taking care of Airmen, supporting deployed operations, timely and accurate delivery of financial services, and superior resource management in support of Luke Air Force Base’s overall mission. As part of the ongoing financial management transformation, the 56th CPTS is a leader in bringing new, innovative tools to its customers.

Financial services will be one of the most important stops for a newcomer. The unit is in Bldg. 1150, where customers can get military, civilian and travel pay assistance at the centralized customer service counter.

For more information, call 623-856-7028 or log onto the Air Force Portal at, look under the Life & Fitness tab and go to virtual Finance.


The Community Initiatives Team (CIT) is the primary liaison between the 56th Fighter Wing commander and surrounding political subdivisions, developers and major stakeholders interested in coordinating compatible land development in areas affected by the flying mission of Luke Air Force Base. The CIT coordinates offices of technical expertise, such as airspace and civil engineering, in their interaction with community, county and state officials. For more information, call 623-856-6169.


The Community Support Coordinator (CSC) office serves as the focal point for installation resilience programs. Developed to operationalize Comprehensive Airmen Fitness (CAF) domains to help Airmen and their families withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands. In addition, provides capability that integrates efforts of individual prevention and response programs. The CSC office is in Bldg. 465 and can be reached at 623-856-2716.


The Equal Opportunity (EO) office serves as the wing commander’s adviser on discrimination and sexual harassment complaints. This office processes EO complaints of civilian employees, applicants for employment at Luke Air Force Base, military members, dependents and retirees. The staff is qualified to assist with specialized problems in the areas of equal opportunity and treatment, human relations and other situations. The EO office is in Bldg. 1150, Suite 2112, and can be reached at 623-856-7711.

Within the same suite, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office serves as the wing commander’s adviser on workplace disputes. This office conducts and monitors all mediation sessions of workplace disputes for Luke AFB.


The History Office provides historical services to the base and the community. In addition to researching and writing the annual wing history, the office updates the Heritage Pamphlet and answers historical questions about the wing and the base. The Heritage Pamphlet can be found on the Luke Air Force Base’s home page at Additionally, the office coordinates data on unit emblems and tracks their lineage and honors. The History Office is in Bldg. 461, Room 118, and can be reached at 623-856-6328.


The Information Protection (IP) office manages security clearance updates on base personnel and provides guidance on storing classified information. The IP office also provides the military community with fingerprinting services for local job or volunteer applications. Fingerprinting walk-ins are available between 1 and 3 p.m. on Wednesdays; all others by appointment only. The IP office is in Bldg. S-11 and can be reached at 623-856-5981/3734.


The inspector general (IG) is responsible for upholding Air Force standards and ensuring installation readiness and compliance. The IG serves as the eyes and ears of the commander and is an independent agency that investigates complaints, allegations of reprisal, abuse of authority, and fraud, waste and abuse. It conducts administrative investigations designed to ensure efficient and effective mission accomplishment. The IG provides training and education for all base personnel on IG issues and procedures, provides assistance where wrongdoing is not present and refers non-IG matters to the appropriate commanders and agencies chartered to handle each respective situation.

The IG also serves as the wing’s congressional liaison officer to members of Congress for all matters pertaining to Luke Air Force Base. Finally, the IG exercises the 56th Fighter Wing and is in charge of the exercise evaluation team through the IG office. The IG office is on the first floor of Bldg. 1150 and can be reached at 623-856-6140.


The Plans and Programs office is responsible for the management of numerous wing-level programs. The staff provides program oversight for war and contingency plans, operations security, international treaties, critical infrastructure and joint mission beddowns and supports the Crisis Action Team. Call 623-856-3337/4327 for more information.


The Protocol staff provides guidance and policy to event points of contact on proper procedures for all on-base events attended by the wing commander or vice wing commander. Protocol is also the focal point for coordinating all distinguished visitor visits to Luke Air Force Base.

The Protocol Office is in Wing Headquarters, Bldg. 452, and can be reached at 623-856-5611.


Public Affairs is the focal point for communicating timely, accurate and useful information about Luke Air Force Base and Air Force activities to the DOD, Air Force, and domestic and international audiences. The Public Affairs Office is in Bldg. 452.

The staff conducts base tours, provides speakers for civic organizations in the community, publishes a monthly newspaper called the Thunderbolt, maintains the official base website and is the commander’s liaison between the base and local community and media organizations. All media requests concerning Luke AFB people, programs and events must be coordinated through Public Affairs. Call 623-856-6011 for more information.


Inside Bldg. 500, the Range Management Office (RMO) manages Barry M. Goldwater Range (BMGR) East and Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field. Mission support includes operations and maintenance of air combat training systems, C2 of range operations, target development and weapons employment assessment, and overall range safety. In support of operations, the 56 RMO is also responsible for security and stewardship of natural and cultural resources associated with BMGR East.

The BMGR is the center point of a semicircular array of military air bases, airspace and ranges that form a highly flexible training complex. It lies within the flight radius of 12 Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air National Guard and Army National Guard bases in Arizona and Southern California as well as Navy aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean. This joint relationship delineates the increasingly unique significance of the BMGR as a national training asset.

Gila Bend Auxiliary Field serves as the hub for operations and maintenance on BMGR and serves as a primary divert airfield and forward operating base.

For more information, call 623-856-8520 or 623-856-8813.


In Bldg. 461, the Safety Office includes flight, ground and weapons safety staff. A mandatory local conditions class for all newly assigned Luke AFB personnel, both military and civilian, occurs during Right Start orientation. Family members are also encouraged to attend the class. Call 623-856-6941/6105 for more information.


The mission of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, in Suite 1052 of Bldg. 1150, is to ensure that all victims of sexual assault receive the care and support they require as well as using education and intervention as a primary means of achieving an environment free from sexual assault. The staff is on call 24/7 for reporting and assistance to victims and can be reached at 623-856-4878.


The Legal Office, on the second floor of Bldg. 1150, provides confidential advice to all service members, retirees and activated Reserve and Guard members on Title 10 orders concerning personal civil matters and military affairs.

Attorneys are available to provide advice on many legal issues, including marriage, divorce, adoption, insurance, personal injury, claims, rentals and leases, indebtedness, powers of attorney, wills and estate planning. The Legal Office also provides a legal checklist for those preparing to deploy. For more information, call 623-856-6901.


The Wing Antiterrorism Office, in Bldg. 453, provides training and guidance concerning antiterrorism matters. Contact the wing antiterrorism officer at 623-856-6331/2567 for more information.

To report suspicious activity, call Security Forces at 623-856-5970. For an emergency, call 911 from an on-base phone. If using a cellphone, you must tell them you need the Luke Air Force Base 911 dispatcher.


In Bldg. 981, the F-35 Integration Office is the 56th FW focal point for establishing F-35 operations at Luke AFB. In the years to come, the 56th FW will have six squadrons, totaling 144 F-35 aircraft, with pilots and maintenance professionals from multiple countries training at Luke Air Force Base. The F-35 integration office is charged with the coordination of all Luke Air Force Base units to ensure completion of construction and new operational procedure and to provide the facilities and processes to train the next generation of Thunderbolts. For more information, call 623-856-3500.

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