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56th Medical Support Squadron

56th Medical Support Squadron

Luke AFB_2019 Medical Assistance 56th Medical Support Squadron

The 56th Medical Support Squadron (MDSS) ensures ready fighting forces by providing administrative, financial, data analysis, management, diagnostic and therapeutic services essential to health promotion and health care for 127,000 eligible beneficiaries. The squadron supports 131,000 annual patient visits in an integrated $64 million managed care environment with eight flights. Additionally, the unit prepares wing personnel for expeditionary operations to support global missions.

The 56th Medical Support Squadron provides medical support and ancillary services to the beneficiary population of Luke Air Force Base. Flights dealing directly with patients include the pharmacy, clinical laboratory, and TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration. Other flights include resource management, medical logistics, medical education and training, medical information systems, medical readiness, and personnel and administration.

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