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56th Operations Group Detachment 1 Tucson

56th Operations Group Detachment 1 Tucson


The 56th Operations Group, Det. 1 (56th OG/Det. 1), stationed at Tucson InternationalLuke AFB_2019 56th Operations Group 56th Operations Group Detachment 1 Tucson Airport, supports the 162nd Fighter Wing’s F-16 Formal Training Unit (FTU). The Arizona Air National Guard wing’s mission is to provide F-16-qualified pilots to the active-duty U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and 25 partner nations. The 56th OG/Det. 1 consists of a small cadre of highly qualified F-16 instructor pilots who bring recent operational experience and expertise in F-16 systems and tactics to the FTU. These instructor pilots instruct in all aspects of the F-16 Basic Course, as well as augment Mobile Training Teams (MTT) sent abroad for “in-country” flight instruction with partner nations. These MTTs are critical to integrating with America’s coalition partners and go a long way to foster stronger international relations.

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