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56th Security Forces Squadron



The 56th Security Forces Squadron provides force protection for the base. Housed in Bldg. 179 are the command section, armory, and law enforcement and security operations. Bldg. 179 also contains offices for information and personnel security, resource protection, reports and analysis, confinement, investigations and the wing antiterrorism program.

Duty weapons training is conducted by the Combat Arms section in Bldg. 909. Military working dogs are in Bldg. 1100. Security Forces training, including READY training, is conducted at Bldg. S-1150, and Security Forces mobility functions are at the El Mirage facility at the intersection of El Mirage and Glendale Avenue, 2 miles east of the base.

To report a crime or suspicious activity or to provide assistance with routine matters, please call the law enforcement desk at 623-856-5970, Option 1. For an emergency, please call 911 from an on-base phone. If using a cellphone, you must tell them you need the Luke Air Force Base 911 dispatcher.

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