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Base Entry Procedures

Base Entry Procedures

Luke AFB_2019 Newcomer's Information Base Entry Procedures


Military members, their dependents and civilian employees are admitted to the base using common access cards or dependent ID cards that are electronically scanned by gate guards when entering the installation. ID cards are updated electronically during inprocessing to show current assignment at Luke Air Force Base.

Any visitor (age 16 or older) must be screened and issued a pass by security forces prior to gaining access to the installation. To obtain a visitor’s pass, the sponsor will meet their guest(s) at the South Visitor’s Reception Center open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. During non-duty hours, passes are issued at the South Gate.

Online prescreening for passes is available to expedite processing time. Before entering the installation, visitors should process their request online at!/.

To operate a vehicle on base, drivers are required to maintain a valid stateside driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Failure to show these documents could result in a six-month suspension of on-base driving privileges.

All drivers on base must also comply with the Arizona Clean Air Act, which requires vehicles to be in compliance with local emissions-inspection requirements. Emissions testing must be successfully completed on all vehicles in Maricopa County at a state-operated emissions testing facility. This requirement includes motorcycles, diesels, motor homes and recreational vehicles. Vehicles with out-of-state license plates are included in this requirement.

Contractors must complete a “Luke AFB Contractor Affidavit” along with all other required documentation. The “Sponsoring Organization” must also submit supporting documentation to the visitor center. Security Forces will then initiate a background check using the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System and other state and federal law enforcement databases. Based on results, a contractor can be issued base access for up to one year. Contractors requiring access for more than one year must renew the package annually.

Traffic Regulations — The speed limit on Luke AFB is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Speed laws are strictly enforced by radar. Luke AFB prohibits all drivers from using hand-held telephones while operating a motor vehicle; hands-free devices are allowed.

Motorcycle Operation — Motorcycle operators must have an appropriate endorsement on their driver’s license. When operating a motorcycle on base, the owner must have completed an approved motorcycle-safety course and possess a course completion card or a letter from the base safety office indicating enrollment in an approved motorcycle-safety course.

Personal protective equipment is mandatory for all motorcycle operators on base. Military members are also required to wear a helmet at all times, on or off base, while operating a motorcycle.

Vehicle License Tax Exemption — Military members may operate motor vehicles in Arizona using their home state’s driver’s license and license plates or register their vehicles in Arizona. Family members must obtain an Arizona license to drive legally. Service members with vehicle titles solely in their name and who are nonresidents of Arizona may register their cars in the state without paying the Arizona Vehicle License Tax but must pay a small vehicle registration fee. A service member who holds joint title to a vehicle with a spouse is entitled to the tax exemption for only half the tax.

A Vehicle License Tax Exemption form can be obtained from the Luke AFB Legal Office. This form may be signed either by their commander or a designated representative from Judge Advocate. Once completed, take the form and an emissions test certification to the Motor Vehicle Division to register your vehicle in the state.

If you intend to purchase a new vehicle overseas, you can save thousands in sales tax if you have it delivered and registered overseas and then shipped back to the U.S. Arizona does not charge sales tax as long as you have a valid overseas registration with your name on it. Arizona considers such vehicles “gray market” vehicles. There is other paperwork that will be required, such as the certificate of origin and customs clearance letter (you get that from the port of entry). Laws change frequently, so check the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division website at for more information before making any financial commitment.

Weapons Storage — The Security Forces Armory is the designated storage area for privately owned weapons. Firearms (handguns and rifles) and bow storage of privately owned weapons is primarily provided for dormitory and lodging residents. Courtesy storage is also available for on-base housing residents who provide child care in their homes. On-base housing residents will register privately owned weapons with 56th Security Forces Squadron Armory. Squadron commanders or their designated representative may request courtesy storage of privately owned weapons for personnel assigned to their unit on a space-available basis.

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