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The Optometry Clinic is on the first floor of the main clinic. Routine eye appointments can be scheduled through the TRICARE appointment system by calling 623-856-2273 or booked online at

Appointments are offered to all active-duty members from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. TRICARE Prime members (active-duty family members or retirees and their family members) enrolled to Luke Air Force Base are offered an appointment if schedule permits. Active-duty members have first priority. If appointments are temporarily unavailable within access standards, the TRICARE Service Center can assist the non-active-duty member in using their TRICARE enhanced benefits to access civilian local network optometry providers within the constraints of their individual TRICARE benefit.

NOTE: Active-duty members are not authorized to use civilian optometrists and must be seen on base.

NOTE: Non-activity-duty TRICARE Prime members do not need a referral to be seen at a network provider.


The Optometry Clinic provides primary eye care and prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses to active-duty members. TRICARE Prime members (family members of active-duty personnel or retirees and their family members) enrolled to Luke Air Force Base are offered primary eye care and prescriptions for both eyeglasses and contact lenses if scheduling permits.

Acute Care: Appointments for acute care must be made directly with the optometry clinic for red eye, foreign body and corneal abrasions. If it is an eye emergency, patients should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Walk-In Services: Walk-ins are available for the following services: flightline driver’s license exams, color vision testing, eyeglasses adjustments and repairs, as well as ordering of military eyeglasses, gas mask inserts and ballistic eyewear. Civilian eyeglasses may not be repaired or adjusted. Retirees are permitted to bring civilian eyeglasses prescriptions to the optometry clinic to order one pair of military eyeglasses at no charge once a year. Active-duty members with an appointment will have priority before walk-ins.

Contacts/Glasses: Current contact lens wearers may receive a contact lens prescription update during a routine eye exam if requested and not contraindicated. Contact lens wearers should wear their contact lenses to the appointment. They should also bring their most recent pair of eyeglasses and most recent contact lens prescription. It is possible for pilots to receive an initial fit if they are in the Aircrew Soft Contact Lens Program. Other patients may receive an initial fit as determined by the optometrist based on the optometrist’s discretion, prescription availability and any ocular conditions contradictory to contact lens wear.

NOTE: Contact lens fitting is not a covered TRICARE benefit if sought by a civilian provider. The cost of purchasing contact lens is not a covered benefit for active-duty and TRICARE members.

Pupil Dilation: All patients should be prepared for pupil dilation. They should bring sunglasses and consider arrangements for a driver.

Optometry Externs: The Optometry Clinic uses optometry students in their final year of school. These externs are under the direct supervision of a fully credentialed and licensed optometrist.

ID & Medical Records: Remember to bring your ID card and additional insurance information. If your medical records are not maintained at Luke Air Force Base, please bring them with you for the appointment. If your records are maintained at Bldg. 810, Flight Medicine, it is your responsibility to pick your records up and bring them to your appointment.

NOTE: Please do not bring children to your appointment unless they also have an appointment.

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