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According to the U.S. Census, the median sales price for homes in the nearby community of Glendale was $141,500 for 2010-2014.

The housing market around Luke AFB has been one of the most severely affected in the nation, but home prices were starting to rise again in 2013. Though Arizona had the third-highest percentage of foreclosures in 2012, by April 2013 the Phoenix area’s
1.2 percent foreclosure rate was less than half its
2.7 percent rate of April 2012, according to Core Logic, a national real estate data provider. Zillow, a leading real estate and rental marketplace, reported that home values in Arizona have gone up 8.5 percent over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 3.9 percent within the next year. Therefore, making a decision about whether to buy a home involves assessing both the risk in the market and personal financial readiness. If you are considering the purchase of a home, take into account the current market and associated risk with buying a home.

Luke Air Force Base has great resources to help you identify the housing option that best meets your needs. The Housing Management Office and Airman and Family Readiness Center offer a variety of services relating to home ownership. Call the HRO at 623-856-7643 or the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 623-856-6550.

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