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Referral Services

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The Luke AFB Housing Management Team is committed to providing its customers a full range of relocation assistance and offers complete referral services. Services include landlord/tenant dispute and mediation, a Homeowners Assistance Program, a home buying/selling and property management briefing, lease agreements counseling, maps, rentals, for-sale listings and information about the communities where the rental properties are located.

All renters should carry renters insurance against fire, theft and other damages.

In keeping with modern technology, the Housing Referral Office (HRO) has implemented the DOD web-based program,, for military personnel, DOD civilians and retirees. Eligible personnel can access the website 24/7 for current listings of off-base rental property. To view rentals available near Luke Air Force Base and in the Phoenix metro area, visit Besides rental property listings, the HRO has listings of sales property to help with your housing search.

The HRO offers home-buying seminars about four times a year to help educate prospective homebuyers on the process. At these seminars, you will learn how much house you can afford as well as overall cost and monthly payment, what mortgage brokers look for on your credit reports, how to look for and work with real estate agents, what to expect at closing, how to read a contract, and more helpful home-buying hints, tips and pitfalls to avoid. To find out when the next home-buying seminar will be held, call 623-856-7643.

HRO staff members are available to assist with problems you may encounter, such as discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord disputes or any questions or problems about on- or off-base housing. For assistance, call 623-856-7643.

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