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Different university researches place Olive Oil at the base of the nutritional pyramid because of its beneficial antioxidative and preventive properties against cardiovascular and deteriorative diseases. They say Extra Virgin Olive Oil: -Contains polyphenols, which help to neutralize substances that promote the proliferation of cancerous cells; -Can prevent heart-attacks reducing the risk up to 50%; -Is used to prevent and reduce obesity; -Protects teeth thanks to its anti-cavity properties; -Is an anti-inflammatory.
We are an Import and Manufacturing company located in Tampa, Florida and we also own an Oil Mill in the Campania Region of Italy where we produce a healthy high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What makes our product superior? Well, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is “monocultivar”, meaning it is produced with only one kind of olive fruit, called “Peranzana”. We bring these olives in our facility, wash them, crush & squeeze them with traditional stones so we get a paste, then we mix the paste (malaxing); the next step consists in separating the oil from the rest of the olive components with two phases centrifugation. Finally, coming out from the separator, we get one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world, as nominated by 2021 Leone d’Oro International Competition awards. Additionally, the Oil Mill has a special partnership with the University of Agraria in Portici (Naples) that constantly checks and tracks the quality of our product. 
Another Italian specialty that we are proud to offer is called “Taralli” which are handmade and produced in Puglia region (Apulia). Taralli can be described as a combination between a breadstick and a pretzel. They are boiled before being baked and that gives them a very interesting crumbly texture. Taralli can be salty or sweet (Dolciotti).
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