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Our Core Purpose

We exist to help parents grow happy, successful kids. O2B Kids is a place that opens minds, improves self-confidence, develops social skills, and strengthens bodies. O2B Kids helps children discover hidden talents and promotes a passion for discovery. Friendships are developed and life lessons are learned. O2B Kids encourages kids to try new things and teaches a respect for people, property and ideas. In the year 1992, two best friends, Andy Sherrard and Danny Stevens, embarked on a one-year journey around the world in search of adventure and excitement…and the meaning of life! During their travels, across oceans and continents, the pair discovered that even at the ripe old age of 25 they were living everyday “learning through play.” The concept sparked in each of them a deep interest in education…and they excitedly returned home to the swamps of Gainesville, Florida to begin planning the ultimate learning environment for kids. The simple goal of this “new learning playground” was to help children find undiscovered passions, develop important life-skills, make new friends and experience daily laughter on their way to becoming responsible, respectful citizens of our world! No ordinary environment would do. An education “SuperCenter” would be needed – combining a magical play village for unscripted funanigans together with an organized calendar of daily classes – from the arts & sciences to fitness & fun – for specific skill development.In 1998, the two dreamers saw their vision realized with the opening of the very first 34,000 square-foot O2B Kids SuperCenter. It was a grand celebration with over 1,000 O2B Kids members discovering the original concept of “learning through play.”With the help of generous investors and a dedicated staff, O2B Kids grew…and grew…and grew. And, we aren’t done yet! We look forward to putting an ever-growing number of children and communities on the path to their very own “…happily ever after.”Welcome to the new learning playground!

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