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Rising Stars business academy youth build is a 501(c)3 nonprofit youth leadership development program. RSBA Youthbuild was established in 2010 in the Moreno Valley California. The mission of RSBA is designed to motivate, educate and inspire young adults to become leaders and entrepreneurs, to bridge the gap between our youth and their community. RSBA works towards our youth being equipped with the skills to become respectful, well-rounded individuals. Youth build has successfully graduated over 600 students with high school diplomas from our youth build program. Our students have pursued college, personal vocational training, entrepreneurship, military and employment with soaring success. We are now enrolling students ages 15 to 24. Please contact Alicia Berridge for student enrollment (310)864-2596 


“It’s never too late to graduate”


Rising Stars Business Academy is designed to motivate, educate and inspire young adults to become leaders and entrepreneurs — bridging the gap between the youth and their community.

Our vision is to be a model school in the community offering education programs that are broad, yet challenging that will empower students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. We work towards building a future where our youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be respectful and responsible citizens who care not only for themselves but for their families and their communities.


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