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Checking In

Checking In

Check-in Procedures

When you arrive at your new installation, you’ll need to follow installation-specific procedures. Each installation and service handles in-processing differently. Here, you can find installation-specific guidelines and a list of documents to bring with you when checking in. Reach out to the contacts provided if you have specific questions.




Traditional Reservists

Upon assignment to a squadron at March ARB you will receive a sponsor package from your gaining unit directing you to attend inprocessing at the Military Personnel Flight, Bldg. 441, on the Saturday of your first UTA at March. Inprocessing begins at 7:00 am and will last until 4:30 pm. You will receive briefings from the Wing/CC, Command Chief, OSI, Safety, Finance, Drug Demand, MPF, MEO, JAG, Airman and Family Readiness, and Chaplains. You will be met during the day by your squadron sponsor who will assist you with your inprocessing both base and squadron.

Your gaining unit will make lodging reservations for you if you are in a non-commute status.

ARTs and Civilians

Travel Planning — If you are PCSing to March ARB you may make reservations at The March Inn. Priority in lodging at The March Inn is given to drilling reservists during the UTA weekends so there may not be lodging available. If that is the case, the lodging facility will provide you with a non-availability statement and make reservations for your lodging at a hotel in the local community.

Your first stop will be the Civilian Personnel Flight, Bldg 2270, where your inprocessing process will begin. You will be provided a checklist which will include processing into your work center, finance, work center specific requirements and any required briefings.


What to do if you get married en route?


If you get married before you PCS, you must inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them, the military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures. You will need to update your ID Card (2 valid forms of ID) and the primary has to be a photo ID and CANNOT be expired ex: (Drivers License, Passport, or Military ID Card). Secondary ID Form can be Expired Military Card, Birth Certificate or Social Security Card.

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