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Public Affairs Offices

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/
Marine Corps Air Station


The Public Affairs Offices maintain a close liaison with news media in the surrounding communities. Each office produces a weekly newspaper. The Boot is produced by Parris Island, while the Air Station produces The Jet Stream. Classified ads are run free of charge for active duty, reserve and retired military, and their families, and Department of Defense and Federal employees when they visit either office. Deadline for classified ads is noon Friday prior to the next publication. When Monday is a holiday, the deadline is noon the prior Thursday. The Public Affairs Office at MCRD is located in Building 283, second floor directly above the Douglas Visitors’ Center. The Public Affairs Office at the Air Station is located in Building 596.


The Public Affairs Office at MCRD Parris Island also operates the Douglas Visitors’ Center for the thousands of annual Parris Island visitors. Its pleasant, hospitable surroundings provide a relaxed atmosphere for families and friends to meet with graduating recruits. The center is located in Building 283, directly across from the Post Office and can be reached by calling 228-3650.


Naval Hospital


The Public Affairs Officer is responsible for informing the public and the military community of activities occurring aboard the Naval Hospital as well as updates and changes in schedules or services that are provided by the Naval Hospital through The Boot.


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