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Veterans Wellness Center of Alabama
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Primary Care

Whether you’re sick or need a checkup, VWC’s primary care services have you covered.

We are your first contact and principal point of continuing care within the healthcare system. We coordinates other specialist care that you may need.

 Pain Management

VWC Pain Management Program utilizes the latest advances in muscles stimulation which reduces pain and to improve function to an area of injury. Combined with Physical Therapy optimum outcomes can be achieved.

Physical Therapy

We are movement professionals who strive to improve the quality of life of our patients using the latest technology along with old-fashioned hands-on techniques and patient education.

Disability Claims

VWC health providers are experts in most areas of disability claims including VA (Veterans Administration, DOL (Department of Labor) & SSD (Social Security). We provide comprehensive medical evaluations including Physical Performance Testing aka Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Federal Workers Comp/OWCP Claims

VWC approval rate is greater than 95%. VWC ensures management of federal workers claim from the beginning of the process until the end.

Chronic Disease Case Management

Using a Interdisciplinary Team approach, we provide assessment, monitoring, planning, advocacy and linking of our patients with rehabilitation and support services. Our goal is to reach optimum disease management and relapse prevention.

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