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Team Pete Career Assistance Advisors visit Thule

Team Pete Career Assistance Advisors visit Thule

Story by Robert Lingley on 03/01/2019

Airmen with questions concerning career progression and personal growth can seek the aid of the 21st Space Wing Career Assistance Advisor. CAAs are special duty assignment personnel that cater to Airmen.

CAAs also give advice for developmental courses for dependents, contractors, Department of Defense civilians and foreign military tenant allied service members assigned to Peterson Air Force Base, said Master Sgt. Mindi Hudson, 21st Force Support Squadron incoming CAA.

CAAs provide information and assistance for retraining, commissioning, assignments and professional development courses, said Hudson.

“One of the most rewarding things for me to do is to positively impact Airmen; which was what drew me to this career field due to conversations with my predecessor, Master Sgt. Matthew Heenan,” said Hudson. “I worked with him previously on a professional development course where he showed how much freedom and autonomy he had to connect and help Airmen.”

Hudson was previously assigned to the 544th Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group. “What I bring to this career field is my training expertise and a strategic vision to help Airmen develop and formulate their pathways for advancement and career enhancement,” said Hudson.

Recently, the Peterson CAA team went on a seven day trip to Thule Air Base, Greenland as part of an outreach initiative to connect with the forward deployed Airmen stationed in remote locations.

“We also travel to Cavalier Air Force Station, North Dakota to provide assistance there as well,” said Heenan. “The visits are part of a semi-annual initiative providing one-on-one career counseling to Airmen and a two day John Maxwell 360-degree leadership training course. On that trip Airmen were also offered the opportunity to call-in questions at the Thule AB radio station.”

Heenan is the outgoing CAA and has been the CAA at Peterson AFB for the past three years. Previously a defender, he was chosen for the CAA special duty assignment by his Security Forces supervision because of his special gift for helping Airmen.

“The CAA career field allows you to be a dog-off-a-leash in the realm of autonomy in carrying out your CAA mission; it enables you to be able to help Airmen in your own way,” said Heenan. “The knowledge I’m bringing back to the security forces community is unmatched; this was definitely a great choice for me.”

For more information to plan future career opportunities and develop your career progression assessment review, call 556-9226 to schedule an appointment with your command CAA.

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