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Team Travis provides leadership mentor class to Airmen

Team Travis provides leadership mentor class to Airmen

Story by A1C Jonathon Carnell on 01/18/2019

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. Airmen at all levels have the ability to be leaders. Learning to grow and lead through professional development opportunities can distinguish the good leaders from the great leaders.

One such opportunity occurred Jan. 10, when approximately 50 Airmen from Travis Air Force Base, California, attended a leadership course at Travis AFB.

The course was taught by Jodi and Jason Womack, a married couple which has co-authored a series of books on leadership development. The Womacks are committed to helping leaders become stronger, better equipped and improve their overall leadership qualities.

During the three-hour course, they mentored in an open-ended way, asking the audience questions, giving them the opportunity to meet others in the room and challenged the audience to set goals 30 days to a year in duration.

“Opportunities such as this class are extremely valuable to members at every level as the more knowledge we have in the leadership and self-awareness arena, the more likely we are to apply the lessons learned in our day-to-day life,” said Master Sgt. Brianna Hunt, the Sgt. Paul P. Ramoneda Airman Leadership School commandant. “My next 30 days will be more focused than before this class.”

When someone is writing out a goal, it is very important to make it believable and obtainable, said Jodi.

Another focus of the Womacks’ class was T.R.O., which stands for transactions, relationships and opportunities.

Transactions are important because they set the tone for why and when things are done.

Jason expanded on the principle of time and how someone’s time is a transaction. That time is limited and making thought-out transactions with your time can offer more in return from those transactions.

Depending on the transactions made, new relationships can be built.

“Great leaders must have good relationships, rapport and be willing to establish new relationships,” said Jason.

With these new relationships and rapport built, there are more opportunities that can come to light.

“Constantly grow as a person and ask yourself, what’s next?’ Take on new opportunities when you are reasonably fit,” he said.

The question “what’s next?” is one Hunt asks herself as a willingness to continue to grow as a person and to take on new opportunities.

“If you don’t grow, you plateau,” said Hunt. “Without growth, we become stagnant and have only yesterday’s best to offer our people. Our people deserve the best of us, every day.”

Jodi and Jason have visited 39 countries on their voyage to help leaders become stronger. Their next commitment will be in Alabama, where Jason will be a professor of leadership studies at Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

“I hope that all of the Airmen who were here today walk away with a higher sense of every decision they make,” said Jason. “Decisions leaders make influence their followers and aspiring leaders.”

To check for upcoming leadership classes, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 707-424-2486.

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