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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance

Financial Preparedness Workshops

Financial preparedness workshops are offered to the different units at MCAS Beaufort. One on one appointment’s are offered to Active duty, Reservist, Dependents, Military Retirees and DoD Employee’s working at MCAS Beaufort. The basic services offered are Basic Financial Planning, Money Management, Investment Planning and Retirement Planning.


Cost of living

Beaufort is considered a high cost living area and you are encouraged to shop the area before you decide to sign any rental agreements or contracts pertaining to living accommodations. Check with, make sure you place your name on the housing list once you have checked in. The closer you are to base the higher the cost due to the convenience of the location. Remember to make sure that you have a military clause in your rental agreement.

The average utility cost ranges from $200 -$250. The average cost for renting is $750 for a 2 bedroom.

Car Insurance

If you have your automobile financed, you are required to have full coverage per South Carolina State Law. If the automobile has a free and clear title (you owe no money on the vehicle) you may be able to choose just liability insurance.

Health Insurance

It is advised that you maintain your health insurance coverage from your last duty station area until you check in at Parris Island. This will help you maintain coverage as you travel. If you cancel the insurance prior to leaving your old duty station you are no longer in the system and would not have coverage if an accident occurred. It is advised that you check with your current insurance carrier to make sure you comply with the policy you have as far as coverage is concerned.

Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF)

The Detreville House (bldg 1108) is the temporary lodging facility for MCAS Beaufort. The DeTreville House (TLF) is located next to the Hard Corps Cafe. This 66 room facility has rooms with and without kitchens and also king-size rooms. In 2003 the building of 24 units was complete. Open 24 hours a day! Due to recruit graduation at MCRD Parris Island, out in town lodging is limited Thurs-Sun, please call for reservations. Service members on accompanied PCS orders must check in with TLF for availability/non-availability statement for TLA reimbursement.


Advance pay

Plan your move as far ahead as possible and refrain from taking advanced pay. If you have to take advance pay make sure that you incorporate the repayment amount in your new budget.

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