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Veterans Cornerstone was founded by Ms. Jo-El Tapia, the daughter of a U.S. Navy veteran retired Master Chief. Ms. Jo-El has worked with veterans for the last decade helping them reintegrate back into society after substance abuse and mental health issues. Her fathers struggle with the VA is what led her passion in advocating for veterans all across the country.


At Veterans Cornerstone I am passionate about helping you receive the examinations and accurate documentation that you deserve. When you work with me, you will have a team of medical professionals and staff who care about honesty and accuracy. I understand that the Veterans Administration can grant you a rating that misrepresents your disability severity, and we also understand that your disability may worsen as you continue to put wear on your body as you age.


As an affiliate to REE Medical, LLC., Veterans Cornerstone is able to work with medical professionals who understand the system and will stand by you to provide nothing but the best medical documentation for your claims. The Veterans Administration has progressively complicated the disability claims process over time.


My team and I have seen the mistreatment and the unfairness and have vowed to make a difference. Our network of doctors, nationwide, believe that you deserve the very best our country has to offer, including our respect, compassion, and help in any way we can offer it.


I know that every veteran has a unique case and we are dedicated to providing accurate, thorough medical assessments by taking the time needed to ensure that each veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. A physician will handle your case with expert attention and care. Your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) will be filled out by a doctor who is on your side.


Veterans Cornerstone is passionate about helping veterans obtain the benefits and discharge status they deserve. Please know I am here to help and I am here to make a difference.


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