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Holly Ridge, on U.S. Highway 17, is the last town you pass through before leaving Onslow County. When the town was incorporated in 1941, the population was a scant 28. Today, the population is about 1,180.

During the 1940s, thousands of Army and Navy troops lived at Camp Davis, a military base on U.S. Highway 17. Nearby on Topsail Island, missile testing was conducted, and Holly Ridge was considered as a possible site for the U.S. space program. In the end, however, the missile project that evolved into the space program moved south
to Florida.


Holly Ridge holds numerous events throughout the year, such as “Art in the Park,” which features music, vendors and food, with a movie showing at sunset. For information on other community events, including an annual Easter egg hunt and Fourth of July fireworks in the park, visit Holly Ridge’s website at

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