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Jacksonville and Onslow County

Jacksonville and Onslow County

Situated along the New River next to Camp Lejeune is the city of
Jacksonville in Onslow County. Settled during the early 1700s, Onslow County has a rich and diverse history stemming from the agricultural, timber and fishing pursuits begun by the English and Scottish natives who settled here.

Since 1941, Onslow County has been home to Camp Lejeune Marines and Sailors, many of whom relocate here following retirement or discharge.

Onslow County offers a wide range of services for service members and their families, including a public school system with 21 elementary schools, eight middle schools and eight high schools; Coastal Carolina Community College, which offers programs in general studies, fine arts, natural sciences and technical skills; a public library system with branches throughout the county; a commercial airport served by two major carriers; and a 150-bed hospital in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is the business, retail, medical, banking and cultural center for Onslow County. Marines, Sailors and their families use a wide variety of services provided by the city and join in many community events held there throughout the year.

A visible link between Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune is the United Services Organization located near the downtown area along the Jacksonville Waterfront Park. The Jacksonville USO, founded in 1941, is the oldest continuously operating USO.

Another symbol of this bond is the Beirut Memorial, located off Lejeune Boulevard near Camp Johnson. The Beirut Memorial project was started by a Jacksonville citizens committee to honor the 271 Marines, Sailors and Soldiers killed during the Oct. 23, 1983, bombing of the Marines Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dedicated on the third anniversary of the bombing, this memorial serves as the community’s tribute to those whose lives were taken in Beirut and showcases the close bond shared by Marines and the community here.


For families resettling here, Onslow County offers diversity in landscape, people and culture. Part Southern and part cosmopolitan, Onslow County has grown and developed with Camp Lejeune. The area welcomes newly arriving Marines, Sailors and their families.

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