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BIG Group Wellness. Fitness. Financial
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We are a veteran owned and operated business dedicated to our military service members to provide 25 years of research and experience competing as a NPC/IFBB athlete. Competing in Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique and Physique using a non-toxic holistic live enzyme plant base food approach 5 Star rated on Amazon Prime for the last 5 years called L-Arginine XXL. We’ve also formulated the most concentrated version of COQ10 ever made called COQ10xxlvcCleanser with 6,450 mgs of L-arginine XXL, 4000 mgs of vitamin C and 50 mgs of COQ10 with 98% potency, Patent Pending. Most effective in maintaining excellent Testosterone levels in Men and healthy hormone levels in women, which combats the #1 Killer in the USA, heart disease. With the increase of cortisol levels due to the tension of the global pandemic we are far more likely to reserve the “white visceral” around the midsection which is the first indication of “Heart Disease”! Driving down your T levels. Now with the introduction of potentially more toxic synthetics being introduced into our physiology our chances are even greater for the risk of heart disease. We have a solution the L-Arginine XXL & COQ10xxlvccleanser line products collaborated with the world renowned Dr. Rainer Boger of University of Hamburg, currently #1 in the world with over 25 years of research in the field of cardiovascular performance. L-Arginine XXL crosses the blood brain barrier secreting your growth hormone levels while neutralizing oxidative stress to the cardiovascular system and can reverse the damage caused by homocysteine the plaque building agent in the arteries.

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