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More on Complete Body Defense LLC
After 4 years of serving in the United States Navy and returning to his local community of Chattanooga Tennessee, where he actively serves as a Law Enforcement Officer, Kris Liberty battled with severe anxiety. Following months of research into Cannabinoids and feeling the effects of hemp first hand, Kris made it his mission to produce a truly 100% THC FREE product to the career oriented individual. 
The need to help those who wanted a natural solution quickly turned into the fastest growing hemp company in America, helping 10’s of 1,000s while also giving a career safe product. The demand for a truly THC FREE product was apparent online 
Now, CBDOPS focuses on normalizing hemp as an ingredient by introducing innovative products that bridge the gap between taboo and wellness. One way of bridging that gap was by proving the power of our hemp to the pet community. No other product hits the innovative, proper dosing, fun, and tasty marks quite like our PET FOOD SEASONING product. The “Why” behind a product is everything. Besides having a few fur missiles of our own running around the office, the passion for pets has always been where our company was going to target. 
The many issues that plague our pets throughout their lives sit deep with us so much that we HAD to come up with a product that met these criteria: supportive to pet biology, effective, innovative, tasty to all pets, easy to apply, and at the right price. We believe we hit every category and our customers think so too. 
You will see why we took this product very seriously and didn’t cut corners for our best friends in life. The issues that our pets are going through are scary real to all of us and the clinical research supporting Hemps involvement with pets endocannabinoid system was too powerful to ignore. With the backing of a team of Veterinarians along with research into the perfect delivery system, we knew we could do a tasty Hemp infused treat…right.