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Feeling Lost or Alone? Contact Carolyn, a Fearless Living Life Coach

Feeling Lost or Alone? Contact Carolyn, a Fearless Living Life Coach

* Husband Deploying or on deployment?
* Feeling Lost or Alone?
* Anxious about new upcoming orders?
* First time mother?
* Illness in the family?

I specialize in supporting women “transform from the inside out” with tools, compassion, and first-hand personal experience in divorce, depression, anxiety, cancer and a family history of addiction, and as mother of four, I can share my hope, strength, and training in moving from fear to freedom!

Are you ready?

you will:

  • learn who you are

  • gain tools that will support you to obtain clarity and confidence

  • you will transform yourself from the inside out


My gift is to create a safe space to connect on a deeper level. I am able to surround you with a blanket of compassion.

My prior education is a BA in Psychology, Business, and Communication. In addition to graduating from a year-long life coaching program at the Fearless Living Institute, which makes me a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC). I am also staying active with my training in all aspects of coaching so I can be the best life coach for me and you.

Please click on the link below for a free Discover Yourself call. I look forward to supporting you in transforming your life like I have mine.
Grab your spot before it’s gone!




1.) Life Coach experience helped me to become more focused on what is truly important in my life and helped enable me to take a stand for myself…I can’t say enough how my coaching experience has opened up new opportunities and a whole new world for me. Thank you, Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart. – Scarlett

2) Working with Carolyn showed me life freedom that I had not known before…Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me to peel away the fear and expose such graceful and fierce freedom! -Peggy

3.) Carolyn is a good communicator and is a natural at talking about life skills, she is nice to work with and is encouraging. – Athena Sallee