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How Can Our “Divorce Paralegal” in Vista CA, Serve You?
A Legal Document Assistant (LDA), formerly known as “Independent Paralegal” is an experienced professional who is authorized to prepare legal documents at the direction of the client without the high costs of an attorney. Let’s work together so that you avoid the stress and high costs of litigation.
Legal Document Assistants must undergo certification procedures in California, and must be registered and bonded. In addition, true Legal Document Assistants and Divorce Paralegals are required to have continuing education. We charge our clients on a flat-fee base. With a Legal Document Assistant, you may end up paying a fraction of what you would spend if you were to retain a divorce lawyer.
Although there are books and divorce tutorials on doing the work yourself, preparing the divorce forms and a Marital Settlement Agreement is a lot more complicated than filling in spaces in a job application. It involves knowledge and experience. We encourage you to consult with a lawyer before you decide to represent yourself in a legal matter.
Our flat-fee divorce could be as low as $595.00?

What is a Summary Dissolution AKA “Express Divorce”?

To qualify for a summary dissolution of your marriage you must meet ALL of the following requirements.

You and your spouse:

  • Have been married for less than 5 years (from the date you got married to the date you separated);
  • Have no children together born or adopted before or during the marriage (and you are not expecting a new child now);
  • Do not own any part of land or buildings;
  • Do not rent any land or buildings (except for where you now live, as long as you do not have a 1-year lease or option to buy);
  • Do not owe more than $6,000 for debts acquired since the date you got married.
  • Have less than $45,000 worth of property acquired during the marriage.
  • Do not have separate property worth more than $45,000;
  • Agree that neither spouse will ever get spousal support; AND
  • Have signed an agreement that divides your property (including your cars) and debts.

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