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Nana Susi’s Doggy Daycare & Boarding
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Just a little about me…..and what I do…..

Hi! My name is Susi Weiss and I am a professional dog care provider. A mother of 3 grown children, 3 terrific grandkids ages 1-6 and a lifelong animal lover that has had many wonderful dogs, cats, ferrets, exotic birds, fish, ducks and pheasants, bunnies, horses, ponies, pot-bellied pigs, hamsters, guinea pigs, and so much more in the family! Retired from full-time motherhood and my professional career, I am now home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week caring for many of my favorite clients wonderful puppies and dogs. My life is filled with warm hearts, cold noses, wagging tails and wiggle worms! More pure unconditional love and play than any grandma could hope for! Thank you all so much!


I have been caring for dogs professionally now for several years at my little home in Oceanside located near El Camino Real and Mission Ave. It’s a fairly small home in a quiet area with a small but fully fenced yard just big enough for a little running and playing but not well suited to large, high energy dogs that need lots of space. The areas I use for care all have dog friendly furniture and dog friendly linoleum floors. If your puppy is not quite housebroken, no worries! Does your puppy or dog sleep in bed with you? No worries!


I have a wonderful family of regular clients and I assure you, all my pups are sweet and gentle. They come in all ages, shapes, breeds and sizes, but small and medium dogs constitute most of my group. Some are young playful puppies and some older and relatively sedate but all get along like loving family members and get incredibly excited when they first get here! Overjoyed to see me and to see their dog friends. It’s magical! The pictures on the home page are all members of my doggy care family! Cute, huh?


Because I have such a special group, I am very particular about the new pups I introduce into our little family. First, they must have very non-aggressive natures. Any signs of aggression simply won’t work. Dogs that tend towards alpha aggression are better suited to one-on-one care or professional kennels. That doesn’t mean they can’t be a little possessive of their food or toys, but I need to know if that might be an issue ahead of time. Next, I do care for dogs that may have mild special needs or easily managed medical conditions that require oral medication. Medically fragile dogs really should be in one-on-one care and not in a playful group setting. I prefer dogs that have been well socialized and are past any major separation anxiety issues. If your dog has never been away from you, we may need to ease him/her into the care setting with a few short visits first. Finally, I only accept dogs that are fully vaccinated, unless they are young puppies. I will ask you to complete a short form after an introductory meet and greet to provide me with any relevant information such as vet numbers, emergency contacts, etc. The whole process is short and sweet and simple. Don’t worry. And I’ll let you know what you need to bring and provide for their visits!

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