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Net Force Vets is not about “chasing a job” but “creating a future” through the following services:

  • Enhanced coaching that allows for personal development including learned emotional competencies, self-awareness, and Identifying any blocks or distractions standing in the way of accomplishing your goals.
  • Delivering key insights into resume building, job search strategies, how to get out of the “spray and pray” application behavior, hiring processes, and shifting from military “unit” mindset to personal branding.
  • Interview preparation: What you may be asked and what you need to ask. Phone interviews, formal interviews, and Zoom interviews.
  • Providing key information on offer letters, including total compensation, benefits, salary and how to negotiate an offer.
  • Net Force Vets does not stop there! We go beyond “getting the job” because part of our commitment is to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in your new role. Our “onboarding” segment provides the following:
    • Workplace assimilation
    • 2021 new work environments (Remote, Hybrid, Essential businesses)
    • Employer policies
    • Employer benefits vs. military benefits
    • Managing your boss

For those looking for continued personal development, Net Force Vets offers the following through our coaching program:

  • The “Energy Leadership Index” self-assessment to see where your mindset and energy levels are today – creating an enhanced footprint of self-awareness and how to get from “A” to “B”.
  • Self- coaching skills for developing your personal career path and lifelong fulfillment. Having this critical skillset can be a game changer in today’s world. When you are able to chart your own course, it allows for greater independence in determining what success means to you, and how you choose to show up in life.

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BONUS: Complimentary resume when signing up with Net Force Vets.

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