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PodzLyfe Membership | Entry through the levels is a Professional Consultation with Information and Spirituality. Established in 2018 for further development of sustainable technology. The idea grew into a way of life and now is branching out into a stable past, present, and future. Our membership provides many benefits including but not limited to: Professional consultation services, creative development of processes, physical/spiritual evaluations, hobby and entertainment events, leadership counseling, and general counseling.


The leadership team at PodzLyfe has been involved with the design and manufacturing of military airships for the last 11+ years. They have worked on several Airforce airplanes with cradle-to-grave prototypes and production lines then progressed to working on an Army assault helicopter airframe. The experiences provided valuable design process improvements and refinements that yielded success for the programs and supply chains involved. Members of the team were also promoted throughout the leadership roles of the program from an engineer, to the director, and president while increasing team efficiency and productivity. This work for the vertical structure integration from the prime contractor to the primary sub-contractor and the horizontal branches that maintain the human engineering aspect provided a unique perspective for the team to consult and manifest any and all ideas within a frame of context.


PodzLyfe is now providing personal and professional consultations to our members. In addition, we will be hosting local events to unify local communities.


Please visit our website and fill out the survey and questionnaire to obtain your PodzLyfe membership and be leveled.

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