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There are five public elementary schools aboard Camp Pendleton. Three of the schools belong to the Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) – North Terrace, Santa Margarita and Stuart Mesa – and offer grades K-7. Two of the schools belong to the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD) – Mary Fay Pendleton and San Onofre – and offer grades K-8.


North Terrace — serves families who reside in Forster Hills, Del Mar, Pacific Views, South Mesa I West, Wire Mountain 1 and Wire Mountain 3 housing. The office number is 760-901-7500.

Santa Margarita — serves families who reside in South Mesa 1 East, South Mesa 2, Wire Mountain 2 and Santa Margarita housing. The office number is 760-901-7900.

Stuart Mesa — serves families who reside in Stuart Mesa housing. The office number is 760-901-7700.


Mary Fay Pendleton — serves families who reside in De Luz, O’Neill, Serra Mesa and San Luis Rey housing. The office number is 760-731-4050.

San Onofre — serves families who reside in San Onofre I, II and III, and San Mateo Point housing. The office number is 760-731-4360.


The Education Center (EC) is the starting point for a successful and rewarding career in the Marine Corps. Personnel prepare themselves for productive careers and additional leadership responsibilities through the diverse education and training programs offered at Camp Pendleton. Family members, DOD civilians, base contractors, retirees and Reservists are also eligible for assistance. Active-duty members should initially contact their unit education officer for basic program information. All others should visit one of two EC locations. The EC is in Building 1331. For more information, call 760-725-6660/6414. The School of Infantry Education Office is in Building 520512, 760-725-0606.

The EC can provide information on high school completion and basic skills programs. General Education Development testing is available through the center and can enable you to earn a high school equivalency certificate. Call the education testing specialist for details and eligibility. The EC offers a wide variety of testing opportunities through Defense Activity Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). DANTES tests can help you earn college credit toward a degree. Admissions tests are also available as well as certification tests. Most DANTES tests are free to active and Reserve personnel. Other Camp Pendleton personnel may take tests to determine eligibility and receive study guide information. Personnel must make an appointment for either DANTES testing or proctoring services.

Military classification tests are offered through the EC and include, but are not limited to: Armed Forces Classification Test; Air Force Career Development Certification Exams; Air War College/Air Command & Staff College; Defense Language Proficiency Test, Defense Language Aptitude Battery and General Classification Test. The military classification-testing specialist assigned to the EC can provide information on all classification tests.

The EC offers the DANTES external degree and independent study programs designed for those students who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of classes offered by accredited colleges nationwide. The EC can assist in selecting courses and completing the necessary application. Tuition Assistance is available to eligible active-duty personnel for approved programs. Check with the EC for information on the current tuition assistance policy. It is highly recommended that all personnel reporting to Camp Pendleton visit the EC and begin planning their future education and training requirements.


Several fully accredited colleges and universities operate on Camp Pendleton. On-base schools are flexible and will schedule classes, if possible, to meet your needs. Classes are offered throughout Camp Pendleton at convenient times and places. Units interested in providing off-duty education services to their personnel in their base area may contact the Education Services officer or college director for information assistance. On-base college programs are approved by Service Members Opportunity College for Marines (SOCMAR), which allows students to complete degrees through Camp Pendleton colleges even if transferred to other bases. Contact the colleges or the EC for SOCMAR information and eligibility.

Following are the colleges providing quality services to Camp Pendleton personnel:

Central Michigan University……………………..760-725-0485

Central Texas College…………………………….760-725-6386

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University…………760-385-0152

National University………………….760-268-1533/385-0347

Palomar Community College……………………760-725-6626

Park University……………………………………760-725-6858

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