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The Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital is just inside the main gate.

The Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton’s health services phone line is 760-725-HELP (4357), available 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed on weekends and federal holidays.

The phone line provides access to the following services:

  • Family medicine.
  • Pediatrics.
  • All other primary care/specialty clinics.
  • Labor and delivery.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Speaking with a health care professional.
  • Customer service.

Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton offers a Patient Services Center (PSC) to help beneficiaries with their health care needs, including assistance in arranging appropriate access to care, health care advice or patient education, and contacting your provider to prescribe or refill a medication. The PSC is on the first floor near the Quarterdeck/Info Desk. Inpatient and outpatient services are available for active-duty service members, their family members and all other eligible TRICARE beneficiaries. Outpatient primary care is provided for active-duty personnel at branch clinics throughout the base and for family members of active-duty personnel and other eligible TRICARE beneficiaries at the Naval Hospital and the 13, 31 and 52 Area Branch Health clinics and the Family Medicine Oceanside Clinic.

The Naval Hospital Pharmacy is open 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. It is closed Sunday and federal holidays. Refills can be called in to 760-725-HELP (4357), option 5, and picked up at the Naval Hospital, Family Medicine Oceanside Clinic, the 13, 21, 31 and 52 Area Branch Health clinics or at the 13 Area drive-through prescription refill pickup window. The patient ID card is required.

In case of an emergency, an on-base ambulance service is available by calling 911. The Naval Hospital Emergency Room is available at the hospital 24/7.


Priority care is given to active-duty service members, family members of active-duty members enrolled in TRICARE Prime, retirees and their family members enrolled in TRICARE Prime. Enrollment in TRICARE Prime can be accomplished by visiting the TRICARE Service Center or calling UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans at 877-988-WEST (9378). All active-duty members are required to enroll in TRICARE Prime during in-processing.

Upon arrival at Camp Pendleton, families should bring their medical records to the Outpatient Records Desk, located just inside the hospital entrance closest to the outpatient parking lot. This allows entry into the outpatient system and will reduce waiting time during first medical appointments.

All patients are required to show proof of eligibility for medical care and must be listed in the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) computer. Beneficiaries can verify their DEERS information by contacting UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans at 877-988-WEST (9378) or visiting the TRICARE Service Center or their nearest uniformed services personnel office (ID card facility). Contact DEERS directly at 800-538-9552 or visit to update address changes and other DEERS information.

When the Naval Hospital does not have services available for eligible beneficiaries, patients will be referred to local TRICARE-certified civilian providers. Beneficiaries will be expected to use their primary insurance, which may include Medicare, TRICARE and other employee or government health plans. TRICARE Prime beneficiaries may or may not incur any out-of-pocket costs when referred for emergency services by a primary care provider. Patients will incur an out-of-pocket expense for nonemergency care. Patients enrolled in the Military Treatment Facility requiring civilian medical care should contact the Health Service Center at 760-725-4357, option 6, or UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans at 877-988-WEST (9378).

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