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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Pendleton — also known as Munn Field after Lt. Gen. Toby C. Munn, a distinguished Marine aviator from 1927 to 1964 who served as commanding general, MCB Camp Pendleton and assistant commandant of the Marine Corps — maintains and operates facilities to support seven flying and three support squadrons with over 200 operational aircraft and 5,500 support personnel. MCAS Camp Pendleton encompasses 410 acres, 199 square miles of airspace, more than 100 structures, a single 6,005-foot runway, taxiways, parking aprons, roads and parking areas, and several utility systems.

MCAS Camp Pendleton is home to Marine Aircraft Group 39. The air station provides air traffic control services, aircraft firefighting and rescue services, weather service support to MCAS Camp Pendleton and MCB Camp Pendleton, hot and cold refueling and defueling services, and services to transient aircraft.

Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton’s primary mission is to provide facilities and services to support flight operations to prepare Marines for combat. The air station is a subordinate command of Marine Corps Installations West-Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and serves as an important part of the Marine Corps’ West Coast air-ground training complex.

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