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Located in the 31 Area, the Marine Corps Tactical Support Systems Activity (MCTSSA) is a subordinate command of the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. Employing more than 400 military and civilian personnel, MCTSSA provides a broad spectrum of subject matter expertise (SME) in support of Command, Control, Computer, Communication and Intelligence (C4I) systems used by the U.S. Marine Corps. For the U.S. Marine Corps’ C4I systems, MCTSSA provides test and evaluation, engineering and support to the operating forces.

MCTSSA was established more than 40 years ago to support the development and testing of automated, computer-based command and control systems. As technology has evolved, so has the role of MCTSSA in terms of systems development and acquisition support. Today, MCTSSA is tasked with providing technical expertise and support throughout all acquisition life cycle phases of assigned systems. With an emphasis on command, control, communications, computers (C4) and network systems, MCTSSA strives to ensure that these systems are engineered, tested, certified and supported in a way that consistently provides the best combat capabilities to our Marines.

The MCTSSA workforce is comprised of a cadre of computer engineers, computer scientists, electrical and electronics engineers, information technology (IT) professionals, and active-duty Marines with specific technical specialties. The composition of this workforce allows MCTSSA to provide detailed technical support and subject matter expertise across the entire acquisition life cycle of a given system.

MCTSSA is home to a systems integration environment known as the “VII MEF.” The VII MEF is a constellation of test and engineering labs that collectively constitute a representative MAGTF C4 architecture. The VII MEF provides an instrumented environment that is used to test and certify the various C4 systems in use today. MCTSSA provides expertise in the areas of Test and Evaluation Strategy formulation, development of Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMP), as well as the planning and hands-on execution of test and evaluation events that span the range of complexity from simple firmware checks to large-scale system tests intended to test or certify one or more systems.

MCTSSA is designated as the U.S. Marine Corps’ Link 16 Network Design Facility (USMC NDF) for all Marine Corps Link 16 platforms and is responsible for Marine Corps Link 16 network design development, maintenance, configuration management, distribution and operating forces support. In addition, MCTSSA provides direct support to the operating forces by means of:

  1. The Operating Forces Tactical Systems Support Center (OFTSSC).
  2. The Tactical Support to the Operating Forces (TSOF) — a worldwide technical service provided under a centrally managed contract.
  3. Task-organized teams of MCTSSA Marines, civilians and contractors who provide on-site technical assistance to forward deployed Marine units. MCTSSA support can be reached at 800-808-7634, DSN 365-0533 and commercial 760- 725-0533.


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