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My Virtual Physician
My Virtual Physician

Virtual Online Doctor Visits

Providing Men, Women, & Children Virtual Physician Visits with Licensed Doctors

My Virtual Physician was founded by Dr. David Howard, a Board-Certified Obstetrics/Gynecology Specialist, and general practitioner. He is passionate about providing quality healthcare to his patients. He has spent much of his career as a researcher and is now eager to help his patients receive the care they need, no matter their symptoms. Our primary goal with an online doctor visit is to provide patients with a convenient way to get quality medical care. Our team is dedicated to assisting our patients with passion and care.
The beauty of telemedicine is that you can receive quality care from the comfort of your home. However, most telemedicine companies focus on primary care or behavioral health, which makes it hard to when you need to find a specialist. That’s where My Virtual Physician comes in. We provide the convenience of telemedicine visits and the quality of brick-and-mortar specialist visits. We are a direct-to-consumer telemedicine practice. We have multiple specialists on staff, including OB/GYN physicians, pediatricians, endocrinologists, and primary care physicians. Let My Virtual Physician address your needs in a way that is convenient, safe, and secure for you.
With online doctor visits, you won’t have to sit in waiting rooms long after your scheduled appointment time. You can simply join a call from your smartphone, laptop/desktop, or tablet and be connected with the virtual physician or specialist of your choice.
Our mission at My Virtual Physician is to provide men, women, and children with a dedicated virtual care resource that addresses healthcare problems by providing the best telemedicine services. Ultimately, we want to fill the gap in men, women, and children’s health services that has been created by the fact that many physicians don’t offer same-day services. Our hope as a telemedicine service provider is to give men, women, and children a safe, secure, and convenient method for getting the proper care when they need it with our virtual telemedicine services.
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Military Health System Update

The United States Military Health System is in the process of transitioning 50 military treatment facilities to care for active-duty service members only affecting some families’ access to health care on the installation. MHS is one of the nation’s largest and most complex health care institutions and the world’s preeminent military health care delivery operation. MHS emergency medicine saves lives on the battlefield, and the system’s services fight infectious diseases worldwide. Additionally, the MHS ensures timely health care at military treatment facilities, hospitals and clinics for more than 9.5 million service members, military retirees and their families.

MHS Genesis

The new electronic health record, MHS GENESIS, provides enhanced, secure technology to manage health information. MHS GENESIS integrates inpatient and outpatient results that connect medical and dental information across the field of care, from the point of injury to the military treatment facility. When implementation is complete, MHS GENESIS will provide a single health record for service members and veterans.

Defense Health Agency

The DHA, an integrated Combat Support Agency, assumed administration and management responsibilities from the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force for military hospitals and clinics in 2019. Congress initiated this change to achieve a flexible, adaptable, practical and integrated system to manage military treatment facilities.

Medical Treatment Facilities Refocus on Readiness

Under this change, 50 military MTFs are transitioning to support active-duty military readiness only. Most of the MTFs affected are outpatient clinics. This change means about 200,000 patients will move from MTFs to TRICARE civilian provider networks for primary care.  


Operated by the DHA, TRICARE offers comprehensive and affordable health benefits. Integrated health care is available through MTFs and civilian providers’ networks run by civilian managed care support contractors.

Active-duty service members are enrolled in TRICARE Prime. But other beneficiaries will get to choose to enroll in either Prime or Select. Prime has fewer out-of-pocket costs but offers fewer providers to choose from than Select. Use TRICARE’s Plan Finder to evaluate your family’s options.