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Pacific Skydiving Honolulu
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Here are OUR Top 10 12 Reasons we think you should jump with us:

1. We have an excellent safety record in tandem skydiving activities, with no fatalities.

2. We have over 42 years of skydiving experience.

3. Our famous “14,000 FT+ Guarantee or it’s FREE!”

  • — Only Pacific Skydiving offers a proof of guaranteed altitude, or it’s free!
  • Check the altimeter on the back of the plane when the door opens for exit (or altimeter on your wrist when requested)
  • Altitude is guaranteed with appropriate conditions only.
  • Subject to:

           a) Unexpected changes in tropical island weather

           b) Strict FAA regulations (airport closures, flying restrictions, etc.)

           c) If the Ultimate Tandem(14,000ft) cannot be reached you will only pay for the Regular Tandem(8,000ft). For prepaid customers you get a partial refund, if the jump is canceled you will get a full refund.

4. We are the only military-certified skydiving company in Hawai’i approved by the Department of Defense for military training and HALO jumps — and we think that’s pretty cool.

5. We have an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau

  • — that’s a lot of happy customers!

6. We have two of the newest, most powerful 2-million-dollar corporate airplanes (supervan 900hp) modified for skydiving on the market. Not only are they certified to 24,000 FT for 21 passengers, our planes also use 10% less fuel for higher performances, thereby reducing our carbon-footprint.

7. We are a designated USPA dropzone with the most internationally experienced, licensed USPA instructors — one of our instructors has logged over 21,000 tandem jumps!

  • Currently the only skydiving center in Hawaii offering the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program to new students who wish to learn to skydive!

8. We are the preferred skydiving facility of film crews — including crews from Hawaii Five-O, Point Break, ER, Lost, Amazing Race, Jurassic Park and more. Extended 10,000 sqft deck with oversized tent for your comfort.

9. We provide the best courtesy shuttle service in our comfortable Mercedes vans!

 10. Our manager is a skydiving world record holder: 46 Years of Experience – “15x Guiness World Record Skydiving, Undefeated Largest Formation (400), Feb 2006”

 11. There’s NO deposit required for your tandem reservation — except for groups of 5 or more. A valid credit card is required to secure your reservation and price. You will be charged $40 if:

       a) No show

       b) Cancellation is less than 24 hour notice.

       c) Not calling 24 hours before your reservation to confirm.

       d) Not calling 1 hour before your reservation to reconfirm. (weather conditions)


  • We have even more reasons for you to choose Pacific Skydiving, but we don’t want the list to be too long to read!
  • Special Military Discount – with ID.
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