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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific (MarForPac)

MarForPac is the largest field command in the U.S. Marine Corps. Headquartered at Camp H.M. Smith in Hawaii, it commands all Marine units at Marine Corps bases and stations in the Pacific and on the West Coast of the United States. Long-standing missions for MarForPac include the defense of South Korea and Japan and also the U.S. West Coast and Alaska. MarForPac also provides combat units to support Operation Enduring Freedom. It also has Marine Expeditionary Units embarked to counter threats to the interests of the United States.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCB)

MCB Hawaii is headquartered at the base in Kaneohe Bay and includes Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay as part of the base on windward Oahu, Camp H.M. Smith, Manana Family Housing, the Pearl City Warehouse Annex, Puuloa Range Training Facility and Marine Corps Training Area Bellows.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay is located on Oahu’s Mokapa Peninsula. The base’s position in the Pacific makes it an ideal location for strategic deployment to the Western Pacific.

The command’s mission is to provide facilities, programs and services in direct support of units, individuals and families in order to enhance and sustain combat readiness for all operating forces and tenant organizations aboard MCB Hawaii.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii is one of the Pacific bases within Marine Corps Installations Pacific. MCIPAC is commanded by a Marine major general and headquartered at Camp Foster, Japan and includes two subordinated commands — Headquarters Battalion and Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay.

Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay

The air station maintains and operates airfield facilities, which includes a 7,800-foot runway, to support the readiness and global projection of operating forces.

III Marine Expeditionary Force, Hawaii

Most of the units stationed aboard MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay are part of III Marine Expeditionary Force, headquartered in Okinawa, Japan. III MEF in Hawaii combines ground combat, aviation combat and combat service support elements into a cohesive force in readiness. Providing trained, combat-ready, air-ground forces capable of conducting expeditionary maneuver warfare whenever or wherever directed, Marine forces in Hawaii train constantly under conditions as close to combat as possible. A few examples of the exercises conducted were throughout the Pacific Basin and included the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Guam, Tahiti, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Philippines, neighboring Hawaiian Islands and the mainland United States. This training includes amphibious, combined arms and special operations exercises.

3rd Marine Regiment (Rein)

III MEF Hawaii’s ground combat element, the 3rd Marine Regiment (Rein) is comprised of three infantry battalions, a combat assault company and a headquarters company and is reinforced by one artillery battalion. The 3rd Marine Regiment (Rein) reports directly to its headquarters, 3rd Marine Division, located in Okinawa.

Marine Aircraft Group 24 (MAG-24)

MAG-24 comprises a headquarters element and several squadrons, including Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 (HMH-463) “Pegasus,” which flies CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367 (HMLA-367) “Scarface,” which flies AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters and UH-1Y Venom utility helicopters, Marine Aviation Logistics Support 24 (MALS-24), Marine Wing Support Detachment 24 (MWSD-24) and Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 3 (VMU-3) “Phantoms.”

Marine Corps Base Hawaii continues to be a key operational asset and is engaged in supporting force structure changes and platform upgrades. MCAS will lead Marine Corps aviation into the 21st century as our CH-53D “Sea Stallion” squadrons are replaced with MV-22 Osprey squadrons in the future. Diligent planning continues to support the projected arrival of the MV-22 squadrons. MAG-24 reports directly to its headquarters, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Okinawa.

Combat Logistics Battalion 3 (CLB-3)

Hawaii’s combat service support element, CLB-3 consists of the following companies: headquarters, motor transport, maintenance, landing support, supply, medical and dental. CLB-3 reports directly to its headquarters, 3rd Marine Logistics Group in Okinawa.

3rd Radio Battalion

The 3rd Radio Battalion provides signals intelligence and electronic warfare support for III MEF and has three companies and two standing detachments assigned in direct support of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) and the Philippines.

4th Force Reconnaissance Company

The 4th Force Reconnaissance Company is the only Marine Corps Reserve unit in the state of Hawaii. The unit specializes in reconnaissance operations with emphasis on parachuting, scuba diving and patrolling techniques.

Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 2, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMPATRECONWING TWO)

After the disestablishment of Patrol Wing 2 in June 1993, Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet (formerly Commander, Patrol Wings, Pacific) provided operational development and maintenance of patrol squadron combat readiness. The command moved to MCB Hawaii’s Marine Corps Air Facility in 1999 from its Cold War home at NAS Barbers Point on leeward Oahu. CPRW-2 leads expeditionary Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces in support of Third, Fifth and Seventh Fleet operations fighting today’s war on terror and ready to engage tomorrow’s adversaries. We promote regional security and enhancement of theater security cooperation through close interoperation with allied forces, friendly nations and other U.S. military services.

Hawaii Marine Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 37

HSM-37’s primary mission is to provide combat-ready detachments for deployments onboard Pacific Fleet Maritime Strike capable ships. HSM-37 reports to Commander, Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (HSMWINGPAC) based at NAS North Island, San Diego, California.

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band

Headquartered at MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, the band’s reputation for stirring performances has spread far and wide. The band has earned many prestigious awards, including the coveted “Best Military Band” for performances during the annual King Kamehameha and Prince Kuhio Day parades held on Oahu. Performing in official ceremonies for the Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific, the band also supports the musical requirements of other military commands, including support of U.S. Pacific Command honors for visiting dignitaries.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Camp H.M. Smith

Located on Oahu’s leeward side atop Halawa (pronounced Ha Lav’a) Heights, Camp Smith is about 600 feet above sea level, near Pearl Harbor and the community of Aiea. The installation serves as the home for the headquarters of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific; U.S. Pacific Command; Special Operations Command Pacific; and other regional commands and detachments.

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