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Maiden native to attend Marine Corps’ SLCDA

Maiden native to attend Marine Corps’ SLCDA

Story by Sgt Cedric Haller on 07/02/2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. In Marine Corps recruiting, we make three promises to the American people. We make Marines, win our nation’s battles and return quality citizens. This commitment to returning outstanding citizens to their communities is extended to rising high school juniors and seniors every July at the Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Nathaniel Poovey, a Maiden, North Carolina, native, was one of 200 high school students across the nation to be selected for the academy, which runs July 15 – 20.

“I think that the Marine Corps selected me for this program is a very cool opportunity,” Poovey said. “It’s obviously not a program that everyone is afforded the opportunity to attend, and I’m really grateful to have been considered and selected for this academy.”

Poovey said he hopes to gain self-confidence, perseverance, learn more about the Marines and continue to improve his work ethic by attending the academy.

“I’m on the student council at my high school, and I’ve always tried to be a voice for my fellow classmates,” said Poovey. “Especially on the wrestling team, I’ve always tried to be a role model for others to emulate. I always work my hardest, so when other people see me working hard, I can inspire them to work just as hard.”

Poovey said he is still undecided on his feature after graduation, but feels drawn to science, math and possibly a career as a military officer.

“I think that there’s a lot of opportunities available that the civilian sector can’t necessarily offer,” said Poovey. “There’s just so much out there in the military that you would never be able to experience otherwise. I’ve always liked to challenge myself and not take the easy route. I think that going to the military and going through training, it really breathes a confidence in you and an ability to overcome anything that’s in your way. I would like to experience that.”

SLCDA focuses on developing character, leadership, ethics, morals, and values. Over the course of the week, students hear from notable leaders from around the country, including entrepreneurs, Holocaust survivors and Marine Corps leaders.

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