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Marine Corps Combat Development Command/ Combat Development and Integration

Marine Corps Combat Development Command/ Combat Development and Integration

MCB Quantico_2019 Tenant Commands and Activities Marine Corps Combat Development Command/ Combat Development and Integration

The Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command (CD MCCDC) holds the additional responsibilities as the Deputy Commandant Combat Development and Integration (DC CD&I) and is headquartered in the General Raymond G. Davis Center at 3300 Russell Road.

CG MCCDC, is responsible for overseeing and supporting the development, implementation, and maintenance of training and education programs, and participating in and supporting Marine Corps force development.

DC CD&I is responsible for developing future operational concepts and determining how to best organize, train, educate, and equip the Marine Corps of the future.

CD&I is composed of four directorates: the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab / Futures Directorate, Capabilities Development Directorate, Joint Capabilities Integration Directorate, and Operations Analysis Directorate.

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab / Futures Directorate identifies future challenges and opportunities, develops warfighting concepts, and comprehensively explores options in order to inform the combat development process to meet the challenges of the future operating environment. It consists primarily of six divisions: Concepts and Plans, Wargaming, Science and Technology, Experimentation, Rapid Capability Office, and the Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned.

Capabilities Development Directorate develops and integrates warfighting capability solutions that provide for an effective, integrated Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) capability, current and future, which anticipates strategic challenges and opportunities for the nation’s defense. It is comprised of ten divisions: Total Force Structure, Intelligence Integration, Fires and Maneuver Integration, Logistics Integration, Information Warfare Integration, Force Protection Integration, MAGTF Integration, Maritime Expeditionary Warfare Integration, Expeditionary Energy Office, and Advocacy Transition Fiscal and Personnel.

Joint Capabilities Integration Directorate ensures new capabilities are conceived and developed in joint warfighting context, and JCIDS proposals are consistent with integrated joint force.

Operations Analysis Directorate executes and provides oversight for the Marine Corps on all matters pertaining to operations analysis and modeling and simulation.

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