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Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-Marine Corps Base Quantico

MCB Quantico_2019 Marine Corps National Capital Region-marine Corps Base Quantico

MCB Quantico is home to Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Manpower & Reserve Affairs, and numerous other tenant commands and activities. The base staff provides infrastructure, operational, and community services support to these organizations and to the military members, families, and civilians who live and work on base. The base is also a key player in support of overall Marine Corps objectives and programs and plays host to scores of training events, conferences, symposia and other special events.


On Oct. 1, 1980, Headquarters Battalion and Support Battalion were combined to form Headquarters and Service Battalion (H&S Bn). It is currently the parent command for nearly 60 percent of the personnel assigned aboard Quantico and is the largest battalion in the Marine Corps. The battalion headquarters is in Building 2006.

The administrative and legal support of nearly 3,000 Marines is managed at the battalion level by real-time links to Headquarters Marine Corps and the Marines’ tenant commands. Billeting and subsistence functions, as well as scheduling, administering and documenting military training, Marine battle skills training and professional military education, are performed by the officers and enlisted Marines and civilians in the battalion headquarters and company offices. Additionally, H&S Bn staff provides general and personnel administrative support and focused logistics support for a multitude of events throughout the National Capital Region (to include the Marine Corps Marathon and Half-Marathon).

The five organic companies of the battalion are Headquarters Company, Service Company, Combat Development Company, Training and Education Company, and Tenant Activities Company. Visit for more information.

Navy personnel report to the Navy Personnel Office annotated in their orders; after-hours arrivals will report to the information desk in the Naval Medical Clinic. Phone: 703-784-1699.


Security Battalion, Building 2043, is composed of the Provost Marshal Office (PMO) and Fire Department and Emergency Services. Security Battalion personnel provide emergency response services aboard MCINCR-MCB Quantico, as well as administrative, logistical and training support for the battalion. PMO provides a full range of police support including preventing and suppressing crime; investigating criminal offenses and traffic accidents; apprehending offenders; registering privately owned vehicles, pets and weapons; traffic control; and physical security surveys. PMO works closely with the town of Quantico law enforcement officers as well as with both county and state police. The Fire and Emergency Services Department provides firefighting, first responder emergency medical, and hazardous materials spill response, tactical rescue and fire prevention. Fire safety education services are also provided by the fire department for the base and tenant activities.

For more information, visit


Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Quantico (Turner Field) traces a long history of aviation service to Quantico and the Marine Corps as one of the first Marine Corps air stations, dating back to 1919. During the next 57 years, MCAF Quantico was host to a wide array of Marine aviation units and operations, including the activation of the First Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW) in 1941. Following World War II, Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) was established in 1947 aboard MCAF Quantico to evaluate and test the theory of carrying troops to the battle zone by helicopter. Then in 1976, following the realignment of Marine Corps Aviation, HMX-1 became the sole tenant of MCAF Quantico. Today, MCAF Quantico continues to provide the facilities, services, and material to support HMX-1 as well as to support transient Fleet Marine Force aircraft, other DOD aircraft and special events such as Congressional Marine Day.

MCAF Website:
MCAF Facebook:


The Quantico Marine Corps Band has achieved and maintains an enviable record of professionalism, delighting thousands of listeners in hundreds of performances throughout the northeastern United States and Canada.

The Quantico Marine Corps Band performs a variety of ceremonial and concert appearances on military installations and in public. The Quantico Marine Corps Band maintains the capability to perform as a marching band, concert band, stage band or small musical ensembles. Past appearances of the band include activities for the Marine Corps Marathon, the Netherlands Tattoo in Rotterdam, the Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston, Massachusetts.


Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) headquarters, Fowler Hall, is at 3399 Russell Road, just after the entrance to Quantico’s southern gate (Exit 148). Also known as “The People’s Marathon,” the MCM is a world-class running event hosted annually in Arlington, Virginia, and the nation’s capital. Annually, the MCM is organized by the U.S. Marine Corps and a dedicated civilian staff. Held in October, the MCM starts between Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon and finishes at the Marine Corps War Memorial, the symbol most iconic of the U.S. Marine Corps.

The MCM attracts 30,000 participants and more than 100,000 spectators and is broadcast live on Comcast SportsNet. Thousands of Marines, sailors and volunteers support the MCM, which is one of the largest marathons in the world. The MCM team also coordinates the MCM10K and MCM Kids Run, during MCM Weekend and the MCM Event Series, which includes a variety of distances aboard MCB Quantico and its surrounding communities. The MCM Event Series is hosted April through November. For more information, visit or call 703-784-2225.


Naval Health Clinic Quantico

The primary source of medical care for the base is Naval Health Clinic (NHC) Quantico, 3259 Catlin Ave., near Lejeune Hall, the base headquarters. The clinic does not have emergency medical services available. Life-threatening injuries and illnesses should be evaluated at the nearest emergency room and can be accessed by dialing 911. For authorization of acute out-of-the-area or after-hours medical care, call the nurse advice line at 800-TRICARE (800-874-2273).

The mission of the clinic is to provide and coordinate health care and wellness services for active-duty and family members to maximize readiness. The clinic provides services to all eligible beneficiaries who have enrolled in TRICARE prime at NHC Quantico.

Operating hours for the primary care clinic are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday (limited services available due to command training from 1 to 4 p.m.). The clinic has limited after-hours services from 5 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed Saturday and Sunday.

The clinic has the following medical specialists: family practice, pediatrics, sports medicine, flight surgeon, behavioral health, optometry, occupational and preventive medicine, radiology, nutrition, diabetic education and physical therapy.

The clinic’s toll-free phone number is 888-784-1802.

For appointments:

Mainside clinic: 703-784-1725
TBS clinic: 703-784-5541
OCS clinic: 703-784-2062
Washington Navy Yard: 202-433-3132

Dental Clinic

The main dental clinic is on the second floor, south end of the naval health clinic and is for active-duty service members only.

Other clinics on base are located at The Basic School in the Ray Hall medical/dental clinic, the OCS clinic in Branch Hall, building 5003 and the Marine Corps Air Facility, building 2100. Military personnel are provided complete dental services, although some specialty care may require referrals to other military or civilian clinics. Due to current military dental readiness and health requirements, family members and retirees are not able to be seen. Family members and retirees are encouraged to use their respective TRICARE dental plans for their dental health needs.


The MCINCR-MCBQ Office of Communication advises the MCINCR-MCBQ commander and staff on communication strategy matters; develops and integrates communication plans; communicates with key audiences; and produces written and visual information products in order to build understanding, credibility, and trust with key publics and audiences critical to mission success.

Web/Social Media Operations: Information is shared using various media to inform and educate military members, family members, retirees, civilian Marines as well as members of the surrounding communities. The communication staff publicizes news and information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the base website —

Press/Media: Members of the media with questions regarding MCB Quantico or seeking interviews or to cover MCB Quantico events should call 703-784-3255 during working hours.

Community Relations: MCINCR-MCB Quantico and its tenant commands, employ more than 25,800 personnel comprised of 6,028 military personnel, 9,298 civilians, 3,991 contractors, and 6,545 military students. There are also more than 4,000 family members living on base.

Community Relations seeks to develop mutually beneficial relationships between the base and local communities. This is accomplished primarily through the Civilian-Military Council, outreach programs like the volunteer program that connects Marines with various volunteer events in the community; participation in regional chambers of commerce activities; an active speaker’s bureau; and inviting the public to special events on the installation to educate them on Quantico’s mission and why Marines train.

Photo: Promotion, waiver and command board photos, event and historical documentation, digital imagery, prints and compact discs.
Graphics: File transfers, high-volume copier production, large-format color copies, posters, illustrations, computer graphics, interactive courseware, animations, lamination, signs,
brochures, layouts and DVDs.
Video: Original video documentations, programs, events and productions.
Training Support and Sound Section: Customer service transactions, sound requests, audiovisual equipment checkout, AV systems design and consultations. n

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