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NPS Award Named for Lt. Gen. Mills

NPS Award Named for Lt. Gen. Mills

QUANTICO, Va. — The first pressing of the Naval Postgraduate (NPS) Mills Medal was presented to Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills, USMC (Ret.), and president of the Marine Corps University Foundation, July 18, 2019, for his part in establishing the Marine Corps Thesis Research Working Group.

The Mills Medal was established through the NPS Foundation April 2019, to recognize research, analysis, or service contributions made to the Naval Services conducted under the Naval Research Program, which has had a meritorious or conspicuous impact to the service headquarters, fleet or operating forces.

This award may be given annually to any living Naval Research Program principal investigator. Nominations are made by Naval Research Program topic sponsors.

Vice Adm. Ann Rondeau, USN (Ret.), president of NPS spoke of Mills’ investment to the Marine Corps University (MCU) as an educator and leader.

Mills along with members of NPS have an influence on MCU scholars who spend time trying to find solutions for Marine Corps problems, Rondeau said.

Col. Todd Lyons, Senior Marine Representative at NPS, presented the medal to mills as he described the future intentions of the award.

“This is the medal that was struck in your honor,” Lyons said as he passed Mills the Silver, palm-sized award. “It will be presented to each one of the recipients of the Mills Medal for the Naval Research Program that you had a key part in bringing together,”

Mills’ was both surprised and honored as his staff and the NPS presenters kept the ceremony and medal presentation a secret.

“I’m actually stunned that I am being honored for contributing to solving the Marine Corps’ problems when I’ve always been the Marine Corps’ problem,” Mills said jokingly. ” I really am speechless, thank you all very much.”

U.S Marine Corps story by Lance Cpl. AaRron Smith

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