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What does a former TV News Anchor do when she decides she wants to be home with her kids at night? She quits, stays at home for a few years and falls in love with her HOME (and the kids aren’t bad either). But now that the kids are grown, she decided she wanted everyone to love their home as much as she loves hers. So duh, she became a Realtor. Then because no one did real estate the way she wanted to,  she decided to start her own brokerage.
Now with a keen sense of the community she was born in and an eye trained in photography, she stages every listing she gets. Having grown up on a farm she works hard, so that when buyers need to see a home, she says, “Let’s go.” A multi-million dollar producer since her rookie year, Anita Cochran is the name you trust, and the one you need to bring you home to Wichita.
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