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Air force aid society & american red cross

Air force aid society & american red cross

The Air Force Aid Society is always available for emergency aid anywhere you may be. Contact the nearest military installation or Red Cross Chapter (phone numbers are usually listed in the white pages of the local telephone directory). They can help you through Air Force Aid with emergency financial assistance and contacting individuals that will need to know where you are and what’s happening.

After Hours Emergency Assistance

After Duty Hours Air Force Aid Society can provide financial emergency assistance based upon need, through either a loan or when there is a particular hardship, grants maybe given.

Categories of financial assistance include:

  1. Basic living expenses (food, shelter, and utilities)
  2. Medical expenses not covered by TRICARE
  3. Dental not covered by DDP
  4. Funeral expenses
  5. Emergency transportation
  6. Essential car repairs
  7. Pay and allotment problems
  8. Disaster and assistance for widows, mothers, and children.

Additional Services of the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross can also help in times of emergency. Quick communications with home about family emergencies is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including verification of death or serious illness or immediate family, birth announcements to fathers deployed overseas, and health and welfare reports resulting from a lack of communication over a long period of planning, and demographic world wide.


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