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Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

The first step to finding employment in Wichita is to start compiling your resume, complete employment application and practice interviewing techniques. Your Employment Assistance Program Manager at your current base can help you in these areas. Only a small percentage of jobs are listed with employment agencies or in the newspaper classified ads. Job searchers should approach individual businesses, both small and large, for openings.

Spouses/family members seeking employment in Wichita should make the Airman & Family Readiness Center as one of their first stops. Job seekers can access a multitude of information and resources to get their job search off to a good start. The Discovery Center offers computers with Internet access for resume writing, sample resumes and cover letters and access to hundreds of job search websites all at your fingertips. Books, periodicals and a job information center to help job seekers. The Discovery Center also has listings of job announcements received daily from employers in the surrounding areas.

The following services are available at the Airman and Family Readiness Center: resource room, resume assistance, data on area employers, job referral, MBTI and individual counseling.

NAF Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is located in Bldg 795 (Personnel Bldg), Suite #14. Applications are available by visiting the Human Resources Office (for customers who have access to the base), by calling 316-759-1612, or by visiting our website. Unless otherwise stated, the positions listed are positions without guaranteed hours or benefits.

If you think you qualify for Military Spouse Preference you need to submit a copy of your spouse’s PCS orders with your application.

If you think you qualify for Transition Hiring Preference, because you left the military early due to downsizing, you must present your ID card with TA stamped on the back along with your application.

If you think you qualify for Veteran’s Preference, you need to submit your DD214 (copy 4 if possible) with your application.

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis for all jobs filled through this office. We accept these applications in anticipation of vacancies. A list of these positions is available. We strongly encourage you to apply for all the positions you are interested in because by the time you hear about a position, it may already be filled. If you would like further information, please call 316-759-1612.

Good Prospects

Most available jobs are in the medical field, clerical, aircraft manufacturing, sales and services.

Fair Prospects

Some opportunities for employment exist in education, construction, retail trade, finance, insurance, and real estate.


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